Getting Over The Break Up With A Narcissist & Freeing Yourself From Narcissistic Abuse!

  • Has the relationship, separation, divorce, or the break up with a narcissist all but destroyed you?
  • Do you constantly worry, or obsess as to why this happened, and wonder if the nightmare will ever end?
  • Did the relationship end abruptly, without warning? Perhaps giving you no closure, as to what went wrong, and why he suddenly changed?
  • Is he now ignoring you, as if you never existed?
  • Have you tried desperately to rekindle his affection, or perhaps mold yourself into what you think he wants, and no matter how hard you try, NOTHING pleases HIM?

If you are currently grieving the loss of a narcissist, if the break up with a narcissist has left you heartbroken, numb, and hopeless, I assure you, YOU are not alone in this journey back to self!

Many victims feel haunted and tainted by the memories of what ‘use’ to be, and all the while knowing, it was never REAL!

If So, And This Is Happening To You. Perhaps You Too Have Wondered The Following?

  • How can a man go from being everything you ever wanted in a partner, everything you have always dreamed of, and suddenly change into being cruel, distant, vicious, and emotionally withdrawn?
  • How can a narcissist lead a completely double life, and have no remorse?
  • How can a narcissist be so convincing, so romantic, so heavenly and utterly hard to resist…. Later turn into a mean, cold, distracted, selfish, arrogant man?
  • How can a narcissist change so suddenly? How could he do this to us?
  • Did I ever mean anything to him? Did he ever love me, or was it all an act?

Why Is This Happening To Me?

Maybe like many victim’s of narcissistic abuse, victim’s who have found themselves heartbroken, shattered, shaken and in disbelief.
You too blame yourself for the relationship ending.

Perhaps You Are Now Left With The Constant Nagging Obsession Of Thinking.

“He was right, there is something wrong with me “
“If only I had given him more space.”
“If only I was like her, he would have never left”
“I should have given more, tried harder, and required less”
“He’s right! I was the ONE with the problem. I am the ONE who always messed things up.”

If this is happening to you, and you are currently obsessing over what YOU did wrong… STOP!

The Break Up With a Narcissist & The Ending Of a Narcissistic Relationship Tortuously Leave Victims In A State Of Confusion, Agony & Despair!

Dr Leonora de Villiers can help you!
You have a lot to offer, and you mean so much to a lot of people. Allow yourself this learning-opportunity and invest in a high-quality future. Overcome the psychological effects of the break up with a narcissist, and stop being the victim… start being the SURVIVOR!

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