Couple Therapy Krugersdorp

Should I use couple therapy service?

This is a question which provokes your mind when your heart is tugged by the anxiety of a marriage break-up. Every marriage frequently goes through emotional upheavals. There are many marriages which end up in bitter breakups.

Though it is a union that calls for the vows “until death do you part”; most couples suffer from ego, hatred and a lot of other condescending emotions which eventually take the divorce route.

However, not all doors are closed when you ask for help. Couple Therapy is one of those doors which make concerted efforts to save your married life.

Every married couple whose marriage is going through a rocky period, should understand that if he or she is willing to invest time and give commitment in a relationship, things can be sorted out quite easily.

Marriage counseling is an effective instrument which can salvage your marriage and put your love life back on the right track. The marriage counseling service is a specialized service which works with you to find out the root cause of the marital discord you have with your partner.

It gives various alternatives to solve them and prevent them from taking place again in the future.

Couple Counseling includes:

  • Partner’s personal thinking preference profile (NBI) report and feedback

  • Become aware of your partner’s uniqueness.

  • A process of building a rewarding, satisfying, intimate and romantic relationship

  • Each partner’s first session is separately scheduled (create a safe place to express feelings)

  • Discussions, worksheets, reading, information and practical applications.

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