Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness.

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which the brain if relaxed and the person’s attention is focused.

This creates a way for the brain to process information more easily as more areas of the brain are accessible while the body feels extremely relaxed.

Hypnotherapy bring positive changes in a person’s life within a shorter time. It can help people to overcome a wide range of bad habits and emotional problems

Focus on:

  • The increase of a person’s general psychological well-being.

  • Improves a positive state of the mind and optimism.

  • Breaking away from old habits like; smoking, emotional eating, procrastination, etc.

  • Overcome depression, fear, anxiety and phobias that have a negative impact on one’s life quality.

Service includes:

  • Goal directed therapy sessions.

  • Practical techniques to overcome deep settled problems and habits.

  • Support to make long-term positive changes to acquire a better life-quality.

Be assured that a person stay in control and will not do things or disclose private issues while under hypnosis.

Other Services:

Personal empowerment, Weight loss, Study and learning skills, Attention Deficit Disorder with/without, Hyperactivity, Brain profiling, Couple’s therapy, Adult therapy, Children and Adolescents therapy

Service Areas

Wilgeheuwel, Helderkruin, Willowbrook, Florida, Little Falls, Groblerpark, Witpoortjie, Jackal Creek Golf Estate, Eagle Canyon Golf Estate, Weltevreden Park, Wilro Park, Constantia Kloof, Ruimsig, Roodekrans, Fleurhof