Your ability to learn faster than your competitors will be to your advantage. But knowledge without action is worthless.

Your ability to translate your learning into action and master the forces of change will be your competitive advantage. But action and knowledge without ethics is dangerous.

Your ability to base your actions on foundations of strong values, ethics and morals will be your ultimate competitive advantage.

  • Liberate yourself and embrace learning as a lifelong process.
  • Invest in learning as the knowledge will stay with you forever – it cannot be taken away from you.
  • Awaken your potential knowing that everything you need is within you.

My Mother always used to say that readers are leaders. It`s not to say that academic learning is the only form of learning. Invest in your personal and professional development – all successful people see the value in self investment. Knowledge is key in any industry – a hunger for improvement and perfection is your most lethal weapon.


Ideas for self – improvement and further learning