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NBI Assessments

Leonora is a qualified and accredited NBI practitioner for Kobus Neethling and Solution findings (Pty) Ltd. The Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) is a computerized assessment tool (based on extensive international research) that determines a person’s thinking preference. The results and report from the Brain Profile is a summary of the person’s thinking preference. A Brain Profile is a descriptive, non-judgmental analysis of each person’s unique thought preference

NBI Assessments focus on:

  • Adolescents: Unique learning and communication style. Improve relationship with parents and peers.

  • Parents/Parenting: Get to know your child’s Brain Profile to ensure effective parenting, good communication and healthy relationship with your child (True understanding of their thoughts processes).

  • Successful relationship: A key element for successful relationships is good communication. This hold true in any relationship like; family, couples, business colleagues and connection satisfactory with others.

  • Business: Brain Profiling helps to understand colleagues and to improve relationships at work. This is important for running a successful business and contributes to business improvement.

  • Career discovery: The Brain Profile identifies an individual skills and thought processing that will naturally contributes to being successful in the appropriate job. It gives direction to a person choosing a career.

  • Leadership: A leader that understands the different brain preferences of his team and leads individuals according to their Brain Profile will inspire them. Leaders also needs to know their own leadership style and how it impact on his staff and business success.

  • Creativity: Knowledge of the Brain Profile provides the basis for improving creativity. Whether you are in training, learning, business, marketing, production or a parent – being alive – creative thinking is necessary for survival and taking you to a higher level of existence.

  • Business: One of the popular applications of the Brain Profile is the recruitment of the correct appointment of new staff members. The candidate’s profile can be compared with the job description.

Service for NBI Assessments includes:

  • NBI assessment online (at home or at the practice), provides the link and special created code.

  • A Graph and written report to the client.

  • Feedback session, explaining the report. Personal assistance to gain insight

NBI Assessments

NBI Assessments

Other Services:

Personal empowerment, Weight loss, Hypnotherapy, Study and learning skills, Attention Deficit Disorder with/without, Hyperactivity, Couple’s therapy, Adult therapy, Children and Adolescents therapy

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